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Bedding For Kids: A Comprehensive Story

beautiful colorful bedding

When it comes to picking the best bedding for kids, there are a few essential factors to consider. For one, comfort and color are paramount when creating a space those kids can relate and spark their time with. However, it would be best if you don’t stray very far from the design and color of the rest of your home. It’s better you let your kids pick their desired designs and colors so that they can have sweet dreams.
You are in the right place if you are looking to get the best bedding for kids and babies. But first, before we get started, it is essential to go through some definitions to be able to differentiate between some different terms.

What is Bedding?

Bedding is the collective name of blankets, bedsheets, bed sets and other materials including cushions and covers used on a bed.

Bed sets vs Bedsheets

As mentioned above, bedding is any material used to cover the bed. It can be a blanket, comforter, quilt, or bed sheet.

bedsheet and bedspread side by side
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Bed sets come with different pieces, usually with a typical pattern or theme. For instance, the duvet, sheets, and pillow covers can have the same color or design.
On the other hand, Bedsheets are thin covers that are placed on top of the mattress or just beneath the blankets or duvet.

What is a Comforter?

A comforter is thick bedding filled with cotton or material made of synthetic. Comforters can be covered with a cover to add warm color and decorative look to the bedding.

What’s a Quilt?

A quilt is a bed cover that comes with three layers. The top, Batting and the bottom layer.
The top layer usually is crafted using many kinds of fabric, mainly stitched into an intricate but incredible pattern.
The batting layer is usually made of wool or down.
The bottom is mainly a solid piece of fabric.

What is Duvet?

Technically, a duvet is a comforter and is often plain white. A duvet usually comes with a duvet cover that envelops and fits over the duvet. The cover closes down the duvet by a zipper, buttons or ties. The duvet is the most common form of bedding in Europe and South East Asia like Pakistan. However, they have become much popular in the US too. A duvet is warm enough to be used without a blanket.

History of bedding for kids

Anthropologists have numerous theories as to when bedding for kids started. The beddings can be traced from the early humans who used to make baby blankets using soft animal fur. Therefore we can conclude that the habit goes many years back.
During the 16th century, the baby crib kicked in and revolutionized the bedding for babies’ space. The color was added into the mix, and that’s how many baby beddings are usually colorful with an emphasis on pink and light blue colors.
The modern craze to bedding for babies can be said to have started in the 1980s with the emergence of dolls and cartoon superheroes. These were mainly in comics, movies, and television shows. Currently, manufacturers of kids’ beddings make a killing by customizing their merchandise using famous superheroes’ characters.

Role of bedding in brightening the kids’ room

Beddings for kids and babies play a vital part in adding color and life to the kids’ room. Rather than having your babies sleeping in dull rooms with a little color to it, the bedding can be the one thing that spices everything. Even without repainting the room, bed sets can produce magical effects on the place and your kid’s life.
Bright colors reflect light and, in the process, make the room colorful. Children will always enjoy being in their brightly colored places aided by colorful beddings.
What’s more, some bed sets can also add the element of thrill and fun in the room. For instance, with the right choice of bedding for your kid, the bedroom could become the play area. The children can role-play their favorite characters, and this will be excellent with the cartoon characters.

Famous cartoon bedding around the world

Doraemon Bedding

Doraemon Single Bedsheet

The Doraemon bedding set is suitable for babies and kids, preferably under eight years old. The bedding is inspired by the Japanese cartoon series called Doraemon. It spans a couple of generations and is a beloved character among Japanese children and is a mainstay in kids’ birthday parties. The blue robot cat was created by Fujiko Fujio nearly fifty years ago. Currently, it is a very lucrative franchise, and the bedding from this character can spice up your kids’ room, whether boy or girl.

Barbie Bedding

Barbie single bedsheet

The Barbie doll is a favorite for little girls. The bed set can bring life and color to your daughter’s bedroom. Ruth Handler created the Barbie doll character in 1959. Since then, little girls have gone crazy about the character to inspire the dressing of the young ones. The colorful style is nowadays a mainstay in most girls’ bedrooms adding color and fashion in the process.

Superman Bedding

Superman Bedding

Superman is a fictional character from DC comics. Many small boys love the style and, as a result, is one of the top cartoons featured on kids’ beddings. The blue and red color is perfect for boys aged five to around twelve years. The character was created nearly 80 years ago and has been a household name since. The superman bedding can add that thrill dimension into your kid’s life and create a fun environment for him.

Spiderman Bedding

Another character beloved by not only small boys but adults too. Spiderman is a sensation that spans generations. It is from Marvel and was created by Grantray-Lawrence in 1967. Since then, it has inspired many boys’ dreams as well as customizing their bedrooms. The blue and red color is marvelous as well as the web designs.

Ben 10 Bedding

Ben10 is also a boy’s favorite. The cartoon series is an American Franchise with Man of Action Studios as the creators. Cartoon Network produced it, and the star character is named Ben Tennyson or Ben10. The boy can transform into ten different alien forms helping him solve numerous mysteries. The production aired for thirteen years, making it the longest-running franchise on Cartoon Network. That said, Ben10 beddings are cool and add that missing magic into a young boy’s life. The ten different alien forms can make the room really spark and therefore thrill your son for years.

Angry Birds Bedding

It started as a mobile video game in 2009 and immediately became a darling to tons of people. It cuts across the age barrier as both young and adults loved it. It was created by Rovio Entertainment based in Finland. It features multicolored birds that try to save their precious eggs from green pigs. The success of the game led to many spin-offs, including two Angry Birds movies.

With over 3 billion downloads across numerous platforms, it is the most downloaded freemium game series. The colorful characters make an excellent choice for kid’s beddings. The angry birds’ beddings add fun dimension in your kids’ room.

Dora The Explorer Bedding

Dora is an American animated cartoon series loved by children across the globe. She’s an adventurous little girl who offers educational tips to children. She often sets off to adventures with her talking purple backpack, and her monkey friend called boots. The Latino girl solves puzzles with the help of the so-called viewing audience.
The colorful nature of the characters makes the cartoon a fantastic piece when it comes to girls’ beddings. The purple-red combination brightens up many kids’ bedrooms around the world.

Mickey Mouse Bedding

The mascot of the Walt Disney Company must be on such a list. Mickey Mouse made his first appearance in 1928 and since then, has won its way into many hearts. He often wears red shorts, white gloves, and yellow shoes. He is easily the most popular cartoon character of all time. Manufactures of kids bedding recognize this fact, and they go a long way into satisfying many children’s dreams. The colors are bright and fun too.

Bugs Bunny Bedding

Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character making an appearance in the late 1930s and created by Leon Schlesinger. He is best known in leading roles in series such as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, both Warner Bros productions. Majorly a trickster, he is also the official Warner Bros Mascot and is regarded as one of the American’s cultural icons. Therefore, its easy to see why many kids would love to have this funny bunny throughout the night. There are even Bugs Bunny’s pajamas to blend with the beddings.

Tom and Jerry Bedding

Another cartoon animated series that cut across generations and adored by all. First created in 1940, Tom and Jerry have been a mainstay on television screens for decades. Tom, the always clueless cat, and Jerry, the usual trickster mouse, share a love-hate and a friendship-rivalry relationship. The two are arguably the most famous of all cartoon characters and are easily recognizable across all continents. Many adults still adore the two, and kids instantly fall in love with them.

Scooby-Doo Bedding

Also, an American animated franchise making a debut in 1969 and still running to today. The Great Dane going by the name Scooby-Doo, follows four human friends, namely Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Norville, as they solve supernatural mysteries. The series has been an enormous success seeing it feature in several spin-offs. Kids, both girls, and boys love Scooby’s customizations that come with the beddings.

The Simpsons Bedding

One of the best-animated sitcoms that are still running. Produced by Fox Broadcasting Company, the sitcom has been around since 1989. It centers around a family of five members, namely Homer, the dad, Marge, the mum, together with their kids, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The show tries to depict working-class life in the fictional town of Springfield. Many adults watch the show and can wear t-shirts with a Homer on it. The colorful nature of the characters makes it great for kids’ bedrooms.

With the above information, you can decide to spice up your kids’ room with a stunning bedding pattern. For boys and their love of adventure, the superhero characters are natural with Spiderman and superman, the beloved classics. For girls, barbie doll and frozen fever will add that much character and color to your daughter’s bedroom.

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